Thursday, December 31, 2009

Patagonia Fabric Style for Men

Sewing for the guy in your life:

Fabric:  Patagonia Purple Fleck Sweater Knit at Fashion Fabrics Club -- described as having burnt orange flecks in it (or Patagonia Polartec in purple), lined or accent bound edges with Burnt Orange Ripstop Fabric on bias, Patagonia fabric at Fashion Fabrics Club

With antique brass separating zipper. Maybe find brown zipper tape instead of black. But definitely antique brass teeth, not shiny. I figure the purple+orange is pushing the fashion envelope for most men. For a guy, don't want to be too matchy-matchy with a purple zipper.

Pattern:  Green Pepper Santiam Reversible Vest for men and for women (I sewed the men's version for a Christmas gift and will post review this weekend.)

Other pieces from Territory Ahead:
Long-sleeved T in Olive, again no matchy-matchy
Timberland Boots

My husband loves Territory Ahead clothes. On sale, they're a great value. Excellent quality, they wash well, no shrinking, and last forever.

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