Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strong Point of View

This talented blogger and vintage seller has a strong and consistent point of view, and I admire that: Liebemarlene blog.

It takes discipline to carry consistency through style, interests, and inspirations. It's like she has a clear personal brand. Intentional and calculated? Or natural tendency??

The marketing aficionado in me is considering this for my own style. Aren't we all marketing ourselves to some extent. Clothing as packaging representing us. I'm all over the place with interests and styles. What's my consistent, favorite inspiration? How to be true to it? Will it lead to my own personal brand?

For example, see the two posts below from December 2 and December 1. Both very different. I far prefer December 1's look. But December 2 is designed around a handbag I own. It was an impulse sale purchase. It caught my eye as I passed the Brighton store in the DFW airport. But I've never carried the bag in public. I'd rather have the handbag in December 1. There's no commonality between the two handbags. Something to think about. It's not just about style, it's about how to make best use of limited money and resources too.

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