Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yeah I Would Quit My Day Job

... to just make stuff and sell it.

Even if I had to make stuff, market and sell, communicate with customers, etc. for 85+ hours a week. Been there, done that already, for work that's not as much fun and for very little money.

See this NYTimes article, That Hobby Looks Like A Lot Of Work.

Yes, it does. And that's OK!

Postscript -- I am irritated though, and all readers should be, by the article's lack of differentiation between sales/revenue and personal income. The writer, in this positive review of income potential, did not account for the cost of business expenses which obviously can be a significant chunk of sales. Shouldn't blame the writer though. I once knew a Kellogg MBA who didn't know the difference! Can you believe.

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