Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sew Outfit To Match Earrings? Why Not.

Today, a fabric/pattern combo planned around these viva la falda vintage inspired Mexican 1940's earrings by Etsy seller JenniferMorrisBeads. Incredible. LOVE them! Don't these earrings look like bejeweled baubles on a Christmas tree?

But what to wear with the earrings? Well this is when we play with fabric & patterns and while you surely will come up with something entirely different (have fun, try it!), I got this:

Lime linen from Fashion Fabrics Club (EmmaOneSock had a lime wool knit which I was looking for, for a comfortable sweater, but it's gone now)

Sew the lime linen into a Marcy Tilton Vogue 8620 jacket

Sew pants with the brown stretch crepe. Try a Vogue Alice+Olivia, Hot Patterns, or a Burda pants pattern, all of which seem to get decent reviews on

No handbag with this one. With those earrings and that jacket, I want to be fanciful and free. No baggage, literally or figuratively. Whatever I carry must fit in one jacket pocket without bulging. That means: two keys max, no keychain; credit card; drivers license; Burts Bees lip balm. That's it. Go to the movies. Go window-shopping and people-watching in a cool downtown area. Sit on a bench with a purple drink in a clear cup and hold it in front of the lime green jacket (but don't spill it). You don't need to carry much to do that.

I realize, this is another tropical temp outfit again. I must think December is for fantasizing about warm climate vacations or something. Um, yeah, why not?

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