Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stylin' Fabric/Pattern Inspiration

I bought these shoes! So you may very well see a similar outfit come to real life. But crapola, I paid about $45 for the shoes in December and they're $26.25 as of 1/17/10.

This Stylin' Set started with the bag. A Brighton bag with red leather and straw that's been in my closet and has never seen the light of day. (Why did I buy it then? On sale, great price. Don't we all do that sometimes.) It needs an outfit!! So here is one. With a Marfy pattern dress sewn from a Gorgeous Fabrics fabric, which would need to be lined.

Brighton bag already own, but imagine red leather accents
Shoes from
Bead bracelet from Etsy seller
Earrings from another Etsy seller
Marfy patterns

I like how there's a shadowy flower pattern theme between the fabric and the shoe soles.

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